CR Fuel Injection Pump 294000-0610 22100-E0030 for HINO/UD Truck

Item No.: 294000-0610 22100-E0030
Product parameters
OE Part Number: 22100-E0030 16730Z508C 16730Z506A
Factory Part Number: 294000-0610
Application: HINO, UD TRUCK
Item Condition: Genuine
Weight: 4kg
Warranty (months): 12
Customization: Acceptable
Original DENSO CR diesel fuel injection pump assy
Denso P/N: 294000-0610
Hino P/N: 22100-E0030
UD Truck P/N: 16730Z508C 16730Z506A 16730Z-508C 16730-Z506A
Other cross-reference numbers: 22100-E0035 22100-E0034 22100-E0033 22100-E0032 22100-E0031

Components and parts of this injection pump:
Fuel supply pump cover: 294184-0080 294184-0210
Fuel supply pump rotor set: 294180-0080
Injection pump element kit: 294090-0370 294090-0650 294090-0300 294090-0640
SCV: 294200-0170 294200-0370 294200-0650 294200-3650
Fuel pump sensor: 179730-0100

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