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Delphi Diesel Fuel Injector B03006B A0060176721 A0020108351 for Mercedes-Benz

Item No.: B03006B A0060176721
Product parameters
OE Part Number: A0060176721 A0020108351
Factory Part Number: B03006B
Application: MERCEDES-BENZ OM404/424/906/926
Item Condition: New
Weight: 300g
Warranty (months): 12
Customization: Acceptable
DELPHI Euro 2 and Euro 3 diesel fuel injectors
Delphi part number: B03006B
Mercedes-Benz P/N: A0060176721 A0020108351
Fuel injector nozzle: L241PBB
Applicable to MERCEDES-BENZ diesel engine OM404/424/906/926 
We supply both the complete fuel injector and fuel injector holder.

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